🛰️ Capella Console Client 🐐

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capella-console-client is the Python SDK for api.capellaspace.com (search, order, download - see API docs)


$ pip install capella-console-client

For more detail see Installation


  • python >= 3.6

Sign up for an account at [https://www.capellaspace.com/community/](). * capella-console-client requires an active account on console.capellaspace.com. Sign up for an account at https://www.capellaspace.com/community/



Check out the Quickstart, the many examples in Example Usage and the API Reference.

🧙‍capella-console-wizard 🧙‍♂️

starting with capella-console-client>=0.8.0 the SDK ships with an interactive wizard-like CLI: capella-console-wizard

$ pip install capella-console-client[wizard]
$ capella-console-wizard --help

For more detail see capella-console-wizard


  • Licensed under the MIT License • 2021 • Capella Space •